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What Club DJs Do While They’re Stuck At Home

Today, we are stuck in what is happening in the world, whether it is about our work or clubbing, the government-mandated us to stay at home for our safety and that is why there are a lot of people – workers or not are working and having fun at home.

There is also no doubt that people miss the outside world and enjoy the vibe of being in a club. Club DJs come up with a strategy that people around the globe still enjoy clubbing even if they are in their home. Since the pandemic or the outbreak sweeps the globe has shuttered once lively and vibey nightspots in different countries, the innovative DJs have started putting something on their performance through the use of the online platform so that clubbers won’t miss out.

This new trend of club DJs is one of the examples of how the virus – pandemic that which left some billions of people stuck at home under lockdowns and quarantine, is an upending daily life in ways unthinkable until the government imposes social distancing curbs to stem its spread across the globe.

Some DJs are doing online performances to enjoy and still feel the vibe of being in a club and that they can give some music to people especially in times of crisis. For example, a Connecticut club DJ is stuck in a quarantine groove at their home and comfort while their usual venues and actions are shuttered and have taken to the web waves with a full set of tunes. Their main goal is to make people across the globe smile and still dance whether they are in their kitchen area, dining, comfort rooms, and wherever they are despite the pandemic we are facing.

Moreover, some of the club DJs like Kevin Brown or also commonly known as DJ K-Otic has done an after-party event at a leadership conference in Springfield, Missouri. This DJ started doing what he loves and started doing it through webcasting from his own home and comfort – he first used only his phone up to a speaker and he then soon upgrade it to a piece of better sound equipment. And because of his action, many DJs also come up with the idea of having some online and live clubbing so that people across the globe will still enjoy the night club they deserved.

As DJs are saying, the time we had today is different and that we also have a different moment. People are using their music as a therapy in this time of crisis.