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Ellie Goulding Still Knows How To Make Hits

To many, the music world is never complete without Ellie Goulding. Her upbeat songs accompanied by her powerful voice bring people’s mood up and turn their day around. She has been in the music business for some time now. Many new and younger artists have also emerged. There are those who love the classics and stick with what they have already loved, but to some contemporary music brings change that’s why they are always on the search for new music. Ellie Goulding’s songs are one of those that people loved. With all the new musicians on the business, many would ask if Ellie still knows how to make hits.

Goulding Beginnings

Ellie Goulding can be remembered to have debuted over ten years ago. In 2010, she released her first single entitled,”Under the Sheets” which is also a part of her first-ever album. Her top songs then that followed are”Love Me Like You Do”, “Burn”, and “How Long Will I Love You”. These are the songs that made Goulding really famous. She has been known for her love songs and was very famous for teenagers and even young single adults. Her songs are commonly used in movie soundtracks as well.

Goulding Still Has It

Just like any other musician out there, there will be a time in their careers where they will be outshined by those new, younger artists. Being in her 20’s when she started the music industry, it came easy for Goulding to achieve fame and popularity and the same goes for the other new artists. With a lot of people wondering if Ellie Goulding still knows how to make hits, well the answer is definitely a yes.

Recently this year, with the pandemic going on, the music industry has slowed down since mobility has been restricted. But for Ellie, that is not the case. Rolling Stone’s series, “In My Room”, she performed one of her songs in her new album, “Brightest Blue” entitled “Flux”. She also performed her song “Power”.  With all the feedback it got from the social media community, there is no wonder one can immediately say that she can still make hits.

It is not common for artists to have lasting fame in the show business. For Ellie Goulding to last for almost a decade now, this means that she is one of the bests artists the music industry ever heard.

RIP Peter Green – His Legacy With Fleetwood Mac

His Journey Ends But His Legacy Remains

There are various talented artists all over the world. These artists also have different specifications or fields of expertise, and when we are talking about music or being a musician, Peter Green will always be a legacy in this kind of talent. 

Peter Green is a talented guitarist in the mid-60s blues bloom. He can always be lined up with talented artists like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. He is one of the best musicians and songwriters that wrote the most memorable blue-based songs of the 60s. With his talent when it comes in playing guitar, he made song genres with most imaginative guitar licks. With these accomplishments, he established his own brand, his own band that made records in the world. His own band outsell The Beatles and the Stones. 

The journey of Peter Green all started when John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers had an idea in recruiting some artists to cope with the absence of Eric Clapton. Then he and Mike Vernon, Blue Horizon label founder and producer spotted Peter Green on some gigs. They trained Peter Green for almost a week but Eric Clapton came back. This is the time when Peter Green came to audition in Mick Fleetwood’s band. 

Long story short, Peter Green still struggles on finding his own line in the industry but with the help of his gifted talent, people around him notice him and appreciate his presence. Sooner or later, he made his own brand in the industry. 

Years have passed and the journey of Peter has ended. Due to psychedelic drugs and mental illness, Peter Green dies at 73. On July 25, 2020, music enthusiasts, heavyweights, and Peter Green’s fans mourned as the news from his family and firm announced that the British guitarist died ‘peacefully in his sleep”. Many were broken hearted with this kind of news because we all know what Peter Green made in the music industry. 

Green’s hits with the band include “Black Magic Woman,” “Albatross” and “Oh Well”. “For me, and every past and present member of Fleetwood Mac, losing Peter Green is monumental!”. This is the statement of Mick Fleetwood given to The Times magazine. 

“My biggest regret is that I never got to share the stage with him,” said Stevie Nicks (statement provided by The Times). He is the singer and songwriter who joined Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood in the band in 1975. “I always hoped in my heart of hearts that that would happen. When I first listened to all the Fleetwood Mac records, I was very taken with his guitar playing. It was one of the reasons I was excited to join the band. His legacy will live on forever in the history books of Rock n Roll. It was in the beginning, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and I thank you, Peter Green, for that. You changed our lives.”

It is true that the legacy of Peter Green in the music industry will never be forgotten by the people who truly loved him and by his words in every piece of song he wrote and left in the heart of everyone. 

On “Furies,” Moor Mother and Billy Woods Are On Fire

Moor Mother and Billy woods are on at it again with a new song collaboration entitled Furies after their team up on another track called Ramesses II earlier this year under the Armand Hammer album. This new single is released as an entry under the Adult Swims singles series.

Busy Year for Moor Mother

Following the release of her new album in 2019, “Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes”, Moor Mother together with Olaf Melander supported the incapacity justice by boosting their funds through launching a brand new tape series. She also collaborated with Metal Jewelry just this year and released a new album entitled True Opera, and another with Irreversible Entanglements. With all this going, she was able to launch this new track with billy woods that we expect unsettling from the both of them.

Billy Woods Albums and Collaborations

Billy woods prior to releasing Furies with Moor Mother launched two albums – one under his brand and name, and another under his group with Elucid – Armand Hammer, where he and Moor Mother also teamed up on one song together with Earl Sweatshirt and Fielded. First in 2019 billy woods launched his new album under his name and brand entitled “Terror Management”. Then on early this year 2020, Armand Hammer released their new album called “Shines”, this was then followed with a collaboration with Moor Mother.

Both Artists On Fire

The release of this collaborative track of Moor Mother and billy woods despite busy schedules this year proved that both these artists are on fire creating new crafts. This track also showcased their individual unique talents that resulted in a beautiful masterpiece.

Moor Mother displayed an astronomical ancient plane as she raps about unrest as people exist and Mennonites. Throughout the song, she exhibits a sound that seems out of time and of this world but is still on balance with billy woods’ freeform raps. Woods delivered an art that looks like from a lucid dream that projects a surreal rhyme on them which makes the song a fiery collaboration from both Moor Mother and billy woods.

Despite having busy schedules, number of albums and songs, successful collaborations, these two were able to release an astronomical rap track which proves their talents individually and as a pair having released a collaboration for the second time, and their passion for their crafts as it burns.