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People Rely On New Music Blogs, Even In The Age Of Podcasts

Music is part of our daily lives. We basically live with it and use it for different purposes. Some people love to listen to music because they have some special connections to it. It brings them to wherever they want to go.

In this new era where technology is flourishing, producing music is quite very easy. It is also easy to reproduce and promote any music material. Most of the music materials today are being produced by podcasts, but there are various formats that you can use to listen and download online.

Despite the fact that podcasts are the one broadcasting music on the internet, people are still relying on music blogs. Why do they still prefer music blogs than podcasts? Here’s the answer.

Not a thing in the past yet

If you say that music blogs producing mp3 format music are a thing in the past, well, that’s not happening yet. You see, one of the most accessible and easy to download types of music format is the MP3 format. It is also easy to store because it doesn’t occupy much space in your device. You can download tons of MP3 format music, and you will be surprised that you only have consumed a gigabyte of your storage.

However, the MP3 format has some slight deduction on its value regarding its quality and effect. Some of the values in the music have been removed to make it easier for storage. Most of these digital values will consume data that can take up a lot of space.

What about podcasts

Podcasts are more on a series of digital audio broadcasting that is done on the internet. These digital productions would often time come out as series, which makes you stay updated with whatever new stuff is coming. Most of the podcast music is brand new, indie, or something that you have not heard before. It’s a more updated version than a music blog. Well, there is some dedicated music blogger that would try to stay updated. But the thing with the podcasts is that it mostly came from the original source, not the third party ones like on music blogs.

However, music blogs are more accessible and downloadable. That is why more people would prefer music blog right now in this age of podcast. Well, listening to music boils down to what type of music we want to listen, and it always depends on your preference and your ideals music style.