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Ellie Goulding Still Knows How To Make Hits

To many, the music world is never complete without Ellie Goulding. Her upbeat songs accompanied by her powerful voice bring people’s mood up and turn their day around. She has been in the music business for some time now. Many new and younger artists have also emerged. There are those who love the classics and stick with what they have already loved, but to some contemporary music brings change that’s why they are always on the search for new music. Ellie Goulding’s songs are one of those that people loved. With all the new musicians on the business, many would ask if Ellie still knows how to make hits.

Goulding Beginnings

Ellie Goulding can be remembered to have debuted over ten years ago. In 2010, she released her first single entitled,”Under the Sheets” which is also a part of her first-ever album. Her top songs then that followed are”Love Me Like You Do”, “Burn”, and “How Long Will I Love You”. These are the songs that made Goulding really famous. She has been known for her love songs and was very famous for teenagers and even young single adults. Her songs are commonly used in movie soundtracks as well.

Goulding Still Has It

Just like any other musician out there, there will be a time in their careers where they will be outshined by those new, younger artists. Being in her 20’s when she started the music industry, it came easy for Goulding to achieve fame and popularity and the same goes for the other new artists. With a lot of people wondering if Ellie Goulding still knows how to make hits, well the answer is definitely a yes.

Recently this year, with the pandemic going on, the music industry has slowed down since mobility has been restricted. But for Ellie, that is not the case. Rolling Stone’s series, “In My Room”, she performed one of her songs in her new album, “Brightest Blue” entitled “Flux”. She also performed her song “Power”.  With all the feedback it got from the social media community, there is no wonder one can immediately say that she can still make hits.

It is not common for artists to have lasting fame in the show business. For Ellie Goulding to last for almost a decade now, this means that she is one of the bests artists the music industry ever heard.